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For those wishing to find the graves of their ancestors (C19th and C20th, very few earlier), the following are the Burial Grounds in the Parish of Laggan, with alphabetical lists of those buried therein. The number in front of each name refers to the number on the diagrammatic map to be found at each site, and marks the grave of that particular named individual. There is also a copy of the alphabetical list at each site, with an explanation of the asterisks etc against some names.

For those of you who know your ancestors were buried here, but cannot find their names in any of the lists, you should be aware that there are very many stones that have no inscription at all, or just initials or a date, but which clearly are ‘headstones’.


If you can give us any information about who your ancestors were, when and where they lived, and in which graveyard you believe them to be buried, we’d love to hear from you.



The following are the Burial Grounds in Laggan Parish: