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(The alphabetical list of names is in the box just inside the gate on the right.)

In the Chiefs’ Enclosure:

(The graves in this small enclosed area are all of the C19th  Chiefs of the Clan Macpherson and their wives.)


Duncan ‘of the Kiln’ – son of Cluny of the’45
Col. Ewen Henry  - second  son of ‘Old Cluny’, and Mary
Col. Duncan  - eldest son of ‘Old Cluny’
Catherine - widow of  ‘Duncan of the Kiln’
EwenA  – ‘Old Cluny’ and eldest son of ‘Duncan of the Kiln’
Sarah JustinaB -  wife of ‘Old Cluny’
Albert  -  youngest son of ‘Old Cluny’, and Frances
Catherine – daughter of ‘Old Cluny’

23.      Cattanach, Christina and James
22.      Cattanach, Finlay
14.      Grant, Mary
8.       McBain, Ann, and Lachlan
6.      McDonald, Ewen
12.     McDonald, Ewen and Sarah
9.     McGregor, Malcolm and Jane
5.      McH *
13.    MacKay, Alexander and Janet
18.    McPherson, Ann
15.    McPherson, Isabella
16.    McPherson, John
19.    Macpherson, Peter
11.    Macpherson, Catherine (née Munro) and Mary (née McLeod)
4.      Tolmie, Donald
3.      Tolmie, Isabella and Donald
2.      Tolmie, John,
1.      Unknown
5.      Unknown *
7.      Unknown
10.     Unknown
17.     Unknown
20.     Unknown
21.     Unknown