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  29th September, 2016   7.30pm     
Iain MacLean.

“Churchill & the Man from Glentruim.”


  27th October, 2016   7.30pm     
AGM followed by John Russell.

“Russwood & the Laggan Connection.”


  SUNDAY, 4th December, 2016   2.00pm     
Maureen Hammond.

“Laggan Fabrics of the 18thC.” with display.


  SUNDAY, 29th January, 2017   2.00pm     
Kenny Taylor.

“The Aurora Borealis.”


  23rd February, 2017   7.30pm     
Paul Brough.

(Exact title tbc, but topic is Seton Gordon)


  30th March, 2017   7.30pm     
Bob Powell.

“Working Horses.”


All are welcome

Admission free

Donations to Children’s Hospice